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Get to Know the Josanne Mark Jewelry Brand...

Josanne Mark is all about integrity, sustainability, creativity and we are serious about being eco-friendly and socially conscious. We are about creating beautiful, high-quality pieces that people never tire of wearing. When conceptualizing and crafting our jewelry, six key values are of utmost importance to us! Let’s talk about those now…


A custom made white gold and moissanite ring

In short, our promise to you is one of integrity. We are discerning when sourcing our raw materials and we believe it is our duty to understand the impact of mining on our environment. We firmly believe that luxury should not be enjoyed at our neighbor's peril. We always use fair-trade gemstones, conflict free diamonds and precious metals from ethical mine-free sources in our designs.

Sustainability & Slow Fashion

“In a world full of mass production, slow made is a dwindling luxury.”Josanne Mark

Acustom made 18k rose gold diamond and sapphire necklace

The term “Slow Fashion” was coined by Kate Fletcher of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Simply put, slow fashion means quality over quantity. It means thinking about sustainability, and the impact that crafting these pieces could have on people and the environment. By creating pieces that are versatile, timeless, and well-constructed we are saying “no” to mass production and the “throw-away” culture and “yes” to value.


A custom made mens wedding band

Value as it relates to fashion means creating jewelry pieces that are meaningful, and won’t lose their luster after a short time. Think timeless, instead of trendy. Jewelry that can be worn and appreciated for generations to come is both valuable and sustainable.

Wearable Art

A contemporary ring by josanne mark

We all want to stand out from the crowd and express ourselves through our fashion. Josanne Mark Jewelry helps you do that. Our pieces aren’t just another accessory to mindlessly put on. They are wearable works of art, crafted to relay messages with depth and tell your unique story.


Josanne mark Butterfly earrings and ring

To us, luxury is about quality, uniqueness and connection. We don’t want you to simply wear our pieces – we want you to feel them as well - jewelry that translates into purpose and meaning. At Josanne Mark, luxury means designing and creating exclusive, wearable, and enduring jewelry that connects deeply with the person wearing it.

Jewelry that goes Beyond Fashion

A custom made gold and sapphire sunburst ring

This is where Josanne Mark Jewelry is differentiated from other brands. Our collections begin with a deeply profound inspiration. This attribute is especially reflective in our bespoke pieces. We strive always to deliver a truly special experience. We don’t simply make jewelry; we immortalize our client’s unique story as a symbol of a beautiful journey, with each design authentically tailored to the person who will wear the piece.

We hoope you continue getting to know the Josanne Mark jewelry brand...

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