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We value and appreciate your business and we stand behind our craftsmanship!  Josanne Mark Ltd. offers a jewelry warranty that is second to none.


The following explains our warranty policy. 


Our warranty covers manufacturer’s defects in material or workmanship but does not cover damages due to neglect, abuse or accidents and is based upon our inspection and sole determination.


 Regular upkeep of your jewelry is required to maintain your warranty. This includes paying for any normal repairs required due to wear, damage, or abuse.


FREE professional cleaning is also covered under our warranty. This is recommended as often as twice per year and we encourage you to contact us for this service. Please note that ONLY pieces registered for warranty will be covered. Registration also automatically qualifies you to receive invitations to special events and new collection launches. Invitations or notifications will be sent out no more than four times per year. Josanne Mark Ltd. guarantees that your personal details are safe and will not be shared with any third party individuals or organizations. 


Our warranty does NOT cover the following items: 

1.    Any damage to your jewelry purchase due to negligence or abuse. (For Example: If a stone is lost due to bent, damaged, or worn out prongs, Josanne Mark Ltd. is not responsible for the replacement of the stone or the re-tipping of the prongs. The jewelry was neglected and abused and the warranty becomes void.)

2.   Any Damage to your jewelry purchase due to accidents. (For Example: if a piece made of crystal, wood, horn or stone is dropped on a hard surface and becomes chipped, cracked or is broken or if your purchase of precious-metal covered leaves is broken due to improper handling.)

 3.    If another jeweler performs any repair work on an item purchased from Josanne Mark Ltd. we will not be held responsible for any loss or defect and the warranty becomes null and void. 

 Please note:

Proper care of your jewelry is required to maintain your warranty. See our section on Jewelry Care.

Repairs and cleaning for items purchased at one of our retailers must be returned through the original point of purchase.


Dreamstones Jewellery:

The Falls at West mall

C3 Shopping Centre


Stechers Fine Gift Stores

Gulf City Mall, La Romaine, Trinidad and Tobago


The Gallery ltd.

Long Circular Mall,

Saint James, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago