At this moment, our Bespoke/Custom-made service is only available to residents of Trinidad and Tobago.


Begins with the Inspiration


learning about the person who will wear the piece

we source your gems and diamonds.

Each precious stone is unique to the person we are designing for.

josanne mark digital design
Digital Drawing

Our rough sketches

are transformed into digital drawings, using advanced computer aided design (CAD) technology.

josanne mark digital design RENDER.SIDE.
josanne mark digital design RENDER.TOP.j
Digital Renderings

The building of the model is a crucial step in turning the design concept into a reality.

Designing with CAD technology allows for absolute precision in the construction of the piece and the accuracy of the fit and layout of each diamond.

3D printed wax model

After we've made a wax model of the piece, it is cast in the metal of your choice, using

eco-friendly sources.

We apply a pre-finishing polish to the metal, then the diamonds are each carefully set by hand, before the final polish is applied.

josanne mark custom made anniversary rin


Finished piece


Your piece was carefully designed and crafted to be a cherished heirloom that will be valued by many generations. We stand behind our workmanship. Complimentary to you, we will replace or repair any piece that is damaged due to manufacturing defects (e.g. prongs that need to be tightened etc.) for a period of one year from the purchase date.


Normal wear and tear, accidents and damages due to neglect, or abuse are not covered by our warranty and will be repaired at a cost to the customer. Warranty coverage is based upon our inspection and sole determination.


A Josanne Mark certificate document is available to our clients upon request.

What is it?

It is a document that states the Diamond carat weight, the type of diamond/s, type of metal used, along with an image of the piece, its replacement value, invoice information, name of client and additional details where necessary.

When is it used?

This certificate can be presented to your insurance company if you are seeking insurance coverage through a home owner or individual jewelry policy.

It is issued specifically for engagement rings, wedding bands or any other item of fine jewelry set with diamonds or stones.

Josanne Mark Certificate of Authenticity


Each Josanne Mark engagement ring/wedding band is packaged in a luxury wooden box (ready for you to pop the question) along with a complimentary polishing cloth and a mahogany authenticity card, which guarantees that your piece is an authentic Josanne Mark design.


The Josanne Mark brand is built upon values of integrity, sustainability, eco and social consciousness. Of all industries, the Mining Sector is responsible for some of the largest releases of toxic substances into our environment and some of the gravest abuse of human rights.


As part of our commitment to environmental and social responsibility, we use fair-trade gemstones, conflict free diamonds and precious metals from ethical mine-free sources in our designs.


We purchase our diamonds strictly from suppliers who source stones through Kimberley Process Certification (KPC) approved channels and by offering our clients the option of lab grown diamonds.

What is KPC? In short, it is a process ensuring that diamonds are conflict-free. More information can be found on the website:

What are Lab Grown Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are pure crystallized carbon diamonds grown in a controlled laboratory environment. They have the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as an earth-mined diamond. They are graded on the same scale as earth-mined diamonds with the ONLY difference being their point of origin (where it came from).

Custom-made rings begin at
TT $ 12,000./ US$1,800.